Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer with these 5 Tips 1

Summer is right around the corner! And it’s the perfect time to get your backyard ready to be draped by the beautiful sunlight and warm nights.

In order to fully enjoy the fun that summer brings, wouldn’t it be great to have the perfect backyard to entertain your family and friends? Make sure to have your loved ones feel the best of summer vibes in your home by following these 5 tips to get your backyard ready for summer.

Energy-Efficient Landscaping

Summer definitely introduces a lot of physical activities that can sweat you out. As such, make sure to bring out some greenery goodness for your backyard to cut down the amount of energy needed to keep your backyard cool. Having plants & trees in your backyard not only gives you a cooler space, but it also provides natural shade that reduces the energy needed for air-conditioning units or other cooling systems.

At Brizscapes, we ensure that our landscaping service is grounded on introducing energy-efficient expertise that will lower the cooling costs for your backyard. We can help reduce your summer energy cost by providing a well-designed landscape for your backyard with trees, grasses, & shrubs that are perfect to give you a cooler atmosphere.

Introduce Spaces for Summer Relaxation

Summer is the best time to have your family & friends around, that is why it is important to have comfortable spaces to cater their summer relaxation needs. With the right ideas, you can definitely provide an optimum summer getaway!

If you and your friends are movie fanatics, you can create a comfy outdoor living room where you can put your TV projector, or have a sheet & outdoor cushions ready for a more cozy movie night. If you prefer to relax under a tree over a glass of fresh orange juice, having a hammock surrounded by lush greenery is a great option. For a more intimate setting, you can create a soothing atmosphere with a fire pit paired with some well placed seating.

Here at Brizscapes, we love creating beautiful, functional spaces for you to enjoy with family and friends. Whatever summer relaxation brings to mind for you, our team can prepare the perfect landscape and bring your imagination to life!

Keep Your Yard Private

To fully enjoy your yard in summer, privacy shouldn’t be compromised. Having large landscape plants not only provides natural sound barriers from outside noise like traffic, lawnmowers and other nuisances, but will also keep your yard private from noisy neighbours or onlookers.

Trees & plants, carefully chosen by professional landscapers, can be a beautiful way to retain the privacy of your yard. From planning an eco-friendly landscape design to building your dream landscape to escape the hustle and bustle from, our award winning team can make it happen.

Have a Shaded Entertainment Space

The heat that summer brings will be a little overwhelming if your backyard wasn’t prepared properly to face such heat. Make sure that the entertainment space you have is also shaded.

If you and your loved ones are a bunch of sporties, having backyard games is exciting! But make sure that your backyard also has shaded areas to have your family & friends rest from time to time.

Here at Brizscapes, we ensure that we give your backyard a refreshing look and feel by maximising your shaded spaces. With just a small cost, you can have a relaxing backyard for summer by having us introduce more greenery & tall trees for a much relaxing ambience for your entertainment needs. Not only that, we will make sure that the landscaping for your backyard will be prepared well for whatever shade option you want for your entertainment space.

Enhance A Cool Atmosphere

Enjoying summer shouldn’t have to be feeling hot all day long! Ensure that your backyard offers a much cooler atmosphere for your family & friends by considering factors to cool down your summer vibes.

It is important to pay attention to areas in your backyard that are retaining heat or where the air feels a little bit humid. Take note of these areas and make sure to include them in choosing the best ways to keep your backyard cool in summer. Yes, you can add more trees & plants for a cooler ambience, but hiring the best landscapers will give you the utmost refreshing experience for your backyard this summer.

At Brizscapes, we understand the importance of living within an aesthetically-pleasing and relaxing environment. We will be introducing the best options to keep the atmosphere of your backyard cool, may it be in line, colour, form, or texture.

Our passion for greenery and gardening goes in accordance with our exceptional work. If you’re looking for the best team to work with you in preparing your Brisbane backyard ready for summer, give us a call on 0439 532 152.