Artificial Grass

Go Green with Brisbane’s Freshest Looking Artificial Grass!

A gorgeous garden starts with the lawn, and what better way to guarantee a beautiful one by investing in artificial turf? At Brizscapes, we provide a variety of artificial turf in various lengths, shades and sizes to suit your preferred style. We can measure your space, help you select the right turf and lay it out for you, all so you don’t have to lift a finger. Fit out your Brisbane backyard with beautiful, fresh green grass and enjoy a low-maintenance, stress free lawn!

Why is synthetic grass beneficial?

While many avoid artificial turf, it can actually look just as lush and fresh as a newly cut, natural lawn. The great thing about artificial lawns is, less maintenance, less chance of grass critters and a more even cut that’s always presentable. It also doesn’t require growing time, and allows for a much more versatile surface. At Brizscapes, we always encourage customers to use artificial turf, for a low maintenance, beautiful looking garden. Whether you’re filling out a huge scale garden or looking to add some greenery to your inner city backyard, we can deliver all across Brisbane.

At Brizscapes, we are incredibly passionate about gardens, and this is reflected in the work we do. From helping you pick and plant the perfect flora to helping out with all the maintenance needs, you can put your backyard, lawn or property in the best hands. We want Brisbane to be scattered with greenery, so we’re more than happy to speak with new customers about their requests!

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Looking to freshen up your backyard or commercial property with fresh, lush grass? Get in touch with Brizscapes to organise a measurement and quote. Give us a call on 0439 532 152 or fill in your details online and we will get back to you shortly.

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